Our top 10 favorite DIY Halloween Costumes!

We are officially in October! It is now time to start thinking of halloween costumes for your little ones! We love all things crafty at This and That for Kids so we thought it would be fun to create a post showing great homemade costumes! Hope you like them!

Paper Doll! So cute, unique and easyyyy! Buy a few poster boards, we found some at the dollar store at 2 for .50, draw out a design with a pencil first and then go over it in the markers of your choice. The design below is really easy to replicate. Then cut around the design. You can either attach string and tie the design around your child or you can buy a cheap white shirt and cheap white shorts and glue the pieces together. This is a very affordable costume that will be sure to make your child stand out!


Headless Halloween Costume. So cool! and surprisingly easy! Found this on Nature For Kids. Click this link for full intructions!


Clark Kent. So easy and can it get any cuter?! Can be done for any age, just find a Superman t-shirt which can be found at most Targets or Walmarts, a white button up shirts, some black pants, a cute tie, and some glasses and the costume is complete! Plus, most of the items can be used after halloween, who doesn’t like wearing a super man t-shirt on a daily basis?


Octopus. Great and hilarious for babies or for older kids as well. Giggles Galore has a great tutorial on how to make it. Click this link to read the full article.

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Spelling Bee. What an adorable play on words. All you need to make this is a black leotard and tights, some yellow duct tape, craft letters, a headband and some wings, and of course glue to put it all together. Get creative and use any words you’d like!


Scuba Diver. The photo below shows all the home made pieces but you can make it even easier and buy a snorkeling set which brings the mouth piece and goggles and then make the oxygen tanks with two empty soda bottles. For clothes they can either wear a swim suit and dri-fit water shirt or an all black outfit. Don’t forget, these are all about getting creative and putting your own spin on things!


Pinata. This is one of our favorite costume ideas we have seen this year! For the base of the costume you can use any t-shirt and pants that you don’t mind messing up. I believe the costume in this photo was done with felt, which makes it sturdier but this costume can be done with crepe paper from party city making it look even more realistic. Make a head piece using party hats and the same technique, whether it be felt or crepe paper. Use hot glue to attach the pieces. Fold or role the crepe paper before you make the cuts, once you unravel it you will have all the cuts done instead of having to do it one by one.


Sheep. This is just adorable for baby’s first halloween! Just use a leotard and glue on some cotton balls! couldn’t be easier, add a cute pink bow around their neck for a personal touch.


Kissing Booth. What a cute costume for your little stud! Plus you get an excuse to smother him with kisses! All you need is a box, some paint, and some card board for the price signs. Use string or suspenders to keep the box on the little man, and then put on your favorite lipstick and smother him with kisses!


Cotton Candy. Just as sweet as the real thing, less sticky! This link explains just how to do it!cotton_candy1


Make sure to share this article with your friends! We found these images on pinterest and are not claiming them as our own, if they are yours please leave a comment below and let us know, we will give you full credit!

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